Back from Vacation!

I am back from my vacation and have dove into finishing projects I had left when departing on vacation.  Most are done and up in my Etsy Store.  I am currently working on a few projects from the material I brought back from London.  They are great fabric prints and brocades that I am truly excited to be working with.

Here are the item’s I’ve managed to complete in the last week or so:

Be Calm Coasters Cream tote 1 Denim Tote 2 Pink Tote 1

As you can see I have a new embroidery machine that has taken my attention from the new fabric while I learned how to use it.  I will not let it distract me any longer as I begin to bring you pillow covers and different style cozies from the new prints I have in my stash!  Want a preview?  Here you go:

Fabric from London

So Stay Tuned!  Fun things are coming your way!