Beginner Project!

If you’re new to sewing and it all seems a bit overwhelming, trust me, take it a bit at a time and you’ll be a well seasoned seamstress in no time.  But I must stress to you…take it with baby steps.

The Sewing Loft often has great tutorials that I’ve utilized in the past to learn what the heck I’m doing.  I found this great beginner tutorial from her hosted on The Shabby Creek Cottage.


It’s a fabulous little pillow that can be done Americana as shown above… OR you can choose to use your own imagination and coordinate different colors or even.. a different shape!  Instead of a star use a circle….or two… or three!  Three in different colors!

Use this tutorial to let your creativity loose and see what you can come up with. Also, this tutorial has a link to a different tutorial for inserting a zipper into a pillow.  That tutorial is perfectly fine and here is another great tutorial from Make It Love It for you to use with the above tutorial: Zipper Tutorial.  Do not fear the zipper.  Trust me, it’s easier than you might think.

In the meantime, I am back to the sewing machine to bring you some pillow covers with unique fabric!  Sew Jam On!