The ONLY Notions Store You’ll Need

It has occurred to me as the years go by that due to where I live I am limited in what I can buy in a Bricks and Mortar retail store.  I have JoAnn Fabrics and a local quilt shop.  I don’t quilt and JoAnns – unless you have a 50% off coupon or such – is overpriced and highly limited on fabric choices. Drives me nuts.  So I order online – alot.

Then one day, I was searching for pattern tracing paper.  Well, actually, I had to do a ton of research after discovering the different types of pattern tracing paper.  Many reviews, lots of articles and a headache later, I discovered the right pattern tracing paper for me and ordered it from Amazon.  It’s sewable, it’s Swedish, it’s awesomeness.  But I am getting off track – I’ll write about that later…

It was delivered by a company I had never heard of: Wawak Sewing.  Inside the box was a catalog and I began flipping through the pages.  It was clear within the first two pages that I had found the hidden treasure chest of online sewing supplies.  No more zippers @ $3.50 – I can get 1-9 for .32 each (yes that is thirty-two cents) or go all out and order 10+ for .27 each!  No more eyelets for $3.49 for 15 – try $1.99!  I could go on with more examples, but I challenge you to visit their website and see for yourself.

The bonus is an order of $100.00 will get you free shipping so it is worth gathering your shopping list and waiting until  you’ve reached the $100.00 mark to order, otherwise, your savings won’t be quite as much.

Sew Jam On!

It should be noted here that I am not affiliated with Wamak, I do not receive commissions or payment or anything like that.  I just enjoy the savings and I want you to as well.

Wamak guarantee