The Future of Fashion?

I came across this article Microbes are the ‘factories of the future and movie that shows Suzanne Lee of BioCouture that utilizes microbes for fashion material.  Weird?  Definitely, but what struck me about the direction this is going isn’t so much in the bizarre nature of wearing dead microbes that have created your jacket, skirt or shirt – it’s not even in the fact that you can toss it in the garden when you’re done with it because the product is compostable:  It’s in the area of where they are heading.

If you watch the video you’ll learn that Lee is looking towards the future.  She expects her clothing line to head into a realm of wearable living microbes.  She envisions us slipping into a garment that could have the potential to live with us for our well being.  We may even see a future where the garment we wear will have healing properties.  Feeling sick?  Pull out the Green Polo Shirt and head to work – you’ll be feeling better in no time.

It all sounds crazy but looking beyond it’s oddity, the whole concept lends itself to an eerie futuristic notion of wearing live clothes for the well being of your body and I’m just not sure how I feel about having a living organism next to my body. I’ll be watching and reading to see where this is going.  Hope you enjoyed a peek into the future with me.

Missed the link above?  Click here for the article.