Children’s Clothing Coming… Soon!

I’ve moved from Northern Arizona to London, UK.  Exciting!  I’ve spent a good deal of time getting my young daughter into school, getting marriedGot Hitched!, adjusting to the English way of life and exploring a city that thousands  of people pay to visit each year (and I live here now!!!).  It’s been overwhelming and fun.  I’ve met a lot of great people so far and am finally settling into getting down to business again.

Jousting!I’ve had a think about home fashion and while I do love it, my true love has been making garments for my daughter.  And that is where my journey begins anew here in London, UK.  Children’s clothing.  I have a ways to go before I can sell, so trust me when I say I’m in the sewing room getting ready. As anyone knows who enters into a new business as sole owner, there is a lot to be done outside of the sewing room as well.

The website will have a slight redesign as I will be selling via my page.  I am also looking into obtaining a stall at the Venn Street Market in Clapham as it is very nearby.  I’ll keep you updated!

My goal for launch with a new line of clothing for ages 6T-12T is September 2015.  My line will include dresses, shirts, shorts, skorts, zip off cargo pants, and button up shirts in funky fun prints.  While I intend to have many items ready to purchase, much of what I do will be to order.

Keep an eye out. I’ll be back soon!


A Dreamy Space

One of my biggest inspirations is London.  I absolutely love visiting there.  The housing layout is somewhat different than what we Americans are used to.  If you ever doubt that, watch House Hunters International when a couple is looking to relocate from America to England.  So far there have been several of those shows and each time the American’s are always disappointed by the size or surprised by some features (or lack of).

So when this site fed through my bloglovin’ feed I connected with it right away.  It’s definitely English traditional with a few American styles injected.  I think it works beautifully.  One of the features about this home that I’m quite jealous of is their ‘conservatories’.  I wish this traditional English element would carry over to more homes here in America.

From Daily Dream Decor here is her “Dreamy Space #33”:

The conservatory

The conservatory

The Bedroom

The Bedroom

The kitchen

The kitchen

There’s more to her post. It’s probably important to note here that these photos are not all from one house, but many. These were the ones that caught my eye though. I hope you enjoyed and perhaps this will give you inspiration for your own home.

The Future of Fashion?

I came across this article Microbes are the ‘factories of the future and movie that shows Suzanne Lee of BioCouture that utilizes microbes for fashion material.  Weird?  Definitely, but what struck me about the direction this is going isn’t so much in the bizarre nature of wearing dead microbes that have created your jacket, skirt or shirt – it’s not even in the fact that you can toss it in the garden when you’re done with it because the product is compostable:  It’s in the area of where they are heading.

If you watch the video you’ll learn that Lee is looking towards the future.  She expects her clothing line to head into a realm of wearable living microbes.  She envisions us slipping into a garment that could have the potential to live with us for our well being.  We may even see a future where the garment we wear will have healing properties.  Feeling sick?  Pull out the Green Polo Shirt and head to work – you’ll be feeling better in no time.

It all sounds crazy but looking beyond it’s oddity, the whole concept lends itself to an eerie futuristic notion of wearing live clothes for the well being of your body and I’m just not sure how I feel about having a living organism next to my body. I’ll be watching and reading to see where this is going.  Hope you enjoyed a peek into the future with me.

Missed the link above?  Click here for the article.

The Adjective


I know that you have heard them all: vintage, retro, modern, sophisticated, classic, contemporary, fresh, avant-garde, etc.  I especially love them when they come out of the judges mouths on Project Runway.  Them problem is perspective and I’m sure mine is somewhere others are not.

Let’s start with vintage.  This, to me, is something pre-1900’s and original.  In other words, it’s rare.  I envision hundreds of vintage dresses tucked away in forgotten trunks in attics across the world.  We don’t get to see them often, but they are lingering… to be found someday.  Vintage is not something that is merely old from this century.

Retro is a throw-back.  It can be a current fabric constructed from a pattern dated 1970 or 1960.  While the fabric can be dated from the same era giving it authenticity, it can also be new.  The design will lend itself to the name retro.  For some reason corduroy bell bottoms come to mind!

Modern is simply current.  Modern, by definition is something characteristic of today’s times.  It’s what is popular by demand and probably hanging on the racks at all major department stores.

Sophisticated is another word that is highly used in our sewing worlds.  This is a word that is reality based.  It simply means pleasing or satisfactory.  In more depth it means refined tastes due to exceptional education.  In other words, an artist, after art school, will have a more refined eye for sophistication than they did prior to education about art.  In my eyes it’s all reality based because what may look sophisticated to me may look boring or poorly designed to another.
While I can go on and on – you can hopefully see where I am going with this.  It’s all subjective to the individual person that is looking at a garment or accessory.  You can debate the adjectives but at the end of the day, it’s what you think and feel that matters.  You feel it and can attach any adjective you’d like to it, but remember that others may see it differently.  AND – it doesn’t make you right or others right.
NOTE:  The image above was found on Pinterest.