Children’s Clothing Coming… Soon!

I’ve moved from Northern Arizona to London, UK.  Exciting!  I’ve spent a good deal of time getting my young daughter into school, getting marriedGot Hitched!, adjusting to the English way of life and exploring a city that thousands  of people pay to visit each year (and I live here now!!!).  It’s been overwhelming and fun.  I’ve met a lot of great people so far and am finally settling into getting down to business again.

Jousting!I’ve had a think about home fashion and while I do love it, my true love has been making garments for my daughter.  And that is where my journey begins anew here in London, UK.  Children’s clothing.  I have a ways to go before I can sell, so trust me when I say I’m in the sewing room getting ready. As anyone knows who enters into a new business as sole owner, there is a lot to be done outside of the sewing room as well.

The website will have a slight redesign as I will be selling via my page.  I am also looking into obtaining a stall at the Venn Street Market in Clapham as it is very nearby.  I’ll keep you updated!

My goal for launch with a new line of clothing for ages 6T-12T is September 2015.  My line will include dresses, shirts, shorts, skorts, zip off cargo pants, and button up shirts in funky fun prints.  While I intend to have many items ready to purchase, much of what I do will be to order.

Keep an eye out. I’ll be back soon!